Friday, September 3, 2010


For a long time I have been searching for spice jars, finally I found exactly what I was looking for. I seen a great idea using spice jars filled with sprinkles as a wall feature, I only wish I could remember where I saw it. Before now my sprinkles where sadly hidden away in a container in the pantry. I managed to find the perfect little jars now I just need to find or build some shelves. For now my pretty jars of colour are living above my cook books.


  1. I love sprinkles jars! I hope to have literally hundreds and thousands eventually x

  2. I have a sprinkle obsession too! I keep mine in little spice jars as well. They look so pretty though I never want to use them! Nxx

  3. So pretty! I went to the bulk store today and was amazed with all of the sprinkles and glittered sugars they had. I think I'll have to buy some...

  4. My sprinkle jars are a mess, Yours look great and added bonus I bet you can find what you want straight away.

  5. Hi, these look so colourful, the glass jars are great and would be very airtight. Can you remember where you bought them? Thanks

    1. Hi Abby, I found these at Sam's Warehouse but I'm not sure if they exist anymore. I did see some pretty similar at the reject shop that are cute though.