Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pop Tarts Cake

I spent ages trying to work out what kind of cake to make my brother for his birthday. I asked boyfriend if he had any ideas, he suggested something with Pop tarts. (Boyfriend built me a cake made out of Pop Tarts a few years ago).

I thought to myself 'Of Course!' If there is one person who has a bigger Pop Tarts obsession than me it’s my little brother.

Happy Birthday Josh!!

I was pretty pleased when I finished this cake last night, I figured I’d wait until morning to get some pictures. You can imagine how heartbroken I was this morning when woke up to a lopsided and buckled cake.

The heat over night had softened the buttercream and the weight of the fondant had started squishing the cake, making big wrinkles in the bottom of the fondant. Me trying to smooth things out just made it worse, I have a lot to learn about fondant.

I need air conditioning!

Ah well, there’s nothing to do about it now. The cake itself is chocolate mudcake, covered and filled with vanilla buttercream.

I know for a fact it was super tasty, someone (me) had to tackle the messy job of getting rid on the leftovers. I loved how the fondant Pop Tart and checked tablecloth cake board turned out. My brother loved it, that’s the most important part.


  1. This is awesome! Such a creative idea.

  2. You're being a bit hard on yourself, it looks fantastic and fondant and buttercream often have a mind of their own!! Lucky little bro ;0)

  3. Your cake is awesome!! Great job, I can see it buckled but it really does still look fantastic honestly.

    Pop over to my blog because I have passed on a little award to your very talented self. x

  4. This is a very cool cake, and to be honest, I wouldn't have noticed the buckling if you hadn't mentioned it! I think you did an awesome job!

  5. Oh wow...what an amazing cake! Where did you find the fondant? It's hard to find in Brisbane! I know of one place near Westlake I think it is? Anyway, your cake is fantastic. Your brother would have been so pleased