Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Egg Cookies

I am loving looking at all the pretty Easter treats being made by everyone. My bloglist is full of so many beautiful Easter and spring themed cookies, cupcakes and macarons. Not wanting to feel left out I've made some on my own egg cookies based on boyfriend's Easter favorite, candy eggs. Personally I've always preferred chocolate eggs and was was always disappointed receiving sugar eggs when I was little. They sure are pretty though.

The cookies are my new favorite shortbread, decorated with royal icing and fondant. The centres are rolled white fondant, cut with a small flower shaped cutter. The roses are painted on with food colour gel and were left to dry the day before I made the cookies. After flooding the cookies with royal icing I pressed on the rose fondant cutout into the wet frosting.

I wish I was lucky enough to be having an Easter lunch or afternoon tea, I had so much fun coming up with ideas for an Easter table. It started with just a basket, then I went a little overboard.

I wish everyone a safe and happy Easter weekend, whatever your plans may be.

Running with Glitter

Thanks very much to Kelly for inviting me to the Running With Glitter Party


  1. Look absolutely georgeous! Love them! Happy Easter! gloria

  2. These cookies are unbelievably beautiful! I utterly adore them, I'm so impressed with your painting skills and the whole design is just perfect. x

  3. These look totally amazing! Have a great Easter! Nxx

  4. These eggs are precious! Your photos make me feel like I am at an Easter tea party. You are talented!

  5. What little pieces of art! They are truly gorgeous! I am impressed.

    Have a wonderful Easter!