Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Carnival Cake

I am super excited to share this cake with you! I got to make this cake a couple of weeks ago for a friend from work, his little boy was turning one and they were having a carnival themed birthday party. I loved the carnival theme, my mind was full of so many fun ideas i had a hard time working out which ones I wanted to use.
I think the little elephant is my favorite part, I was so happy with how it turned out I ended making a sea lion too.
I had a vague idea what I wanted the final cake to look like, but knew all the carnival bits and pieces I wanted to have on it. All the decorations were made from fondant, except for the poles which were paper straws. ( I am in love with paper straws!)
I'm still very new to fondant modeling, but was surprised at how easy it was to make a little elephant. After making the simple shapes, I allowed them to firm up a little before pressing them together with a tiny bit of water.
I wish I had a few more pictures of the building of the cake but after the initial icing things got a little too hectic.
After a very stressful car trip ( it took hours for my arms to stop feeling like jelly afterward) we dropped the cake at the party safe and sound. The party set up was amazing, it had all the great parts of a carnival, I especially loved the circus tent dessert table backdrop.
The cake was a big hit, especially the rainbow cake surprise in the middle.
Happy First Birthday Dash!!
How cute is he munching on his giant slice of cake! (Thanks Tory for the party pictures!)


  1. look beautiful! I love the kid picture eating the cake!! gloria

  2. This cake is just darling and the picture of the birthday boy enjoying it is precious!

  3. Wow! What a cake! Looks like the birthday boy loved it too. I feel for you on the car journey stress; it's the worst part and I've never made anything near as amazing as this cake so I can't imagine how you must have felt!

  4. Eeeekkk!!!! Sooo excited I found this and your blog!! I am doing a carnival theme for my Sons first bday and this is exactly what I was imagining!!! Looks so great!!

    Love your newest follower :)

  5. How did you make the letters? Did you free-hand or find a set of vintage letters?

  6. Hi Samantha. I hand cut the letters out of fondant and piped the white details on with royal icing. The bits of red were drawn on with a edible pen. I used this font style as a template for the letters http://www.dafont.com/circus.font

  7. What kind of cake did you use in this recipe? Was it your Vanilla cake (Lamington cake recipe)?

    1. Hi Natalie
      For this cake I used a white almond sour cream cake recipe, replacing the almond with vanilla.
      You can find the recipe here. http://www.wilton.com/forums/messageview.cfm?catid=7&threadid=143183

      I now prefer to use the vanilla cake(Lamington Cake), it colours nicely and is totally from scratch.

      Happy baking

  8. Hi im actually doing a carnival cake this weekend. How did you do the flags on the cake?

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