Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birthday silliness

I'm sorry I'm not showing you anything new today, but don't worry it will be coming soon. I've been doing too much baking and not enough blogging. Instead of a baking post I though I would share a silly story from my weekend.

It was my birthday on Saturday so I figured I'd be able to have a nice sleep in. It was not to be, at 6am a distressed looking boyfriend woke me up with a happy birthday and told me the cat had a bit of a mishap. Both he and the cat were covered in paint.
We had joked before about getting the cat to do a painting after seeing a book about kitties that paint, boyfriend thought it would make a fun birthday present. Boyfriend got some kitty safe paint and set out paper but our little cat had decided she wanted to lay in the paint instead of just making footprints.

It was the funniest birthday morning ever, I have a cute painting, a front step covered in colored pawprints and a cat with spots of red and yellow being as spazzy as always.
New recipes coming soon.


  1. Very cute story, I think every house should have coloured footprints leading up to the door, how inviting :) Happy Birthday Xx

  2. aw I love this, hope you had a good birthday :)

    Nom! x