Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

I loved dinosaurs when I was little! For my 5th birthday I got a tape player and a bunch of tapes (those things that came before cds that came before Ipods). My favourites by far came with set of dinosaur books. The tapes told dinosaur stories and sang dinosaur songs and I thought they were the raddest thing ever. 
My inner five year old was very happy to be asked to make a dinosaur cake for a little boys 2nd birthday over the weekend. As long as it was green I was able to do what ever I liked, so I picked my favourite dinosaur (although its actually a tie between stegosaurus and triceratops) and had fun.
I ended up choosing to make a stegosaurus inspired cake because the plates would look really cool made out of fondant. The cake was made out of my favourite vanilla cake and frosted with vanilla buttercream. Steggy and parts of the base board were covered in fondant with the finishing touch of grass piped was on with left over buttercream.
Happy Birthday Dash!


  1. This is super fun! Dinosaurs make me smile!

  2. this is amazing! so clever!!

  3. How cute is this cake? It's so fun and colourful.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  4. This is the cutes dinosaur cake ever. I love how the colors pop!

  5. Hi,it is beautiful cake. How did you cut the cake to make this shape?

  6. Cute cake. How did you cut the cake to make to bus shape of this cute stegosaurus..