Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sprinkle Cake

There is one kind of cake I will pick over all others any day. What kind of cake makes me swoon you ask.  For me plain vanilla is where its at, with pink frosting (sometimes strawberry flavoured like this one) and some sprinkles to finish it off.

Sprinkles make me smile! 

A whole cake covered entirely with sprinkles, well that's face covering cheesy smile material.
It was my niece's 2nd Birthday last week, she makes me smile too so I made this cake for her.

To get the sprinkle coating I followed this fabulous tutorial from Half Baked- The Cake Blog, its pretty simple and most important mess free!


  1. Love it Kara! Well done. Looks delicious!!

    The Enchanted Empire Team xoxox

  2. Yes! Good old vanilla is my favourite type of cake aswell. I'd take a square of vanilla sponge traybake covered with white icing and sprinkles over anything! This looks gorgeous!

  3. That is really cute! Love to have an overload of sprinkles in my cake. Got my eye on your next posts.

  4. In love with this cake! Stella told me she wants it for her bday this year, so I'll give it a go! :D

  5. where did you find that color sprinkles? i'd like to buy some in bulk but have only seen rainbow so far.

    1. I found the sprinkles at my local grocery store. The brand is called dollar sweets and they are hundreds and thousands. They are rainbow sprinkles, but the cool colours are because they are the natural colours variety.

  6. Hi there - wondering if you have a little tutorial on the balloon topper also? Love it!