Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Cake Balls

Usually I learn my lesson the first time, but not the case with this whoopie pie recipe. You may remember I tried it out a little while ago and was less then happy with the results. I should have tried a new recipe, I have no excuse but my laziness.

This time the whoopie pies were beyond saving, they kept spreading and spreading into funny shapes.

So this happened.

Then this happened. (I mixed in about a quarter of a cup of tia maria)

And then this happened.

Then finally they were no longer ugly whoopies but yummy cake balls.

Happy Valentines Day!

Oh and I have some pink hair.


  1. Love the pink hair! And the cake balls! Nxx

  2. Nice hair lol. I saw a pan for whoppie pies the other day, maybe this recipe is designed to be used with a pan rather than the pipe / dollop method?

  3. Pink hair - just in time for Valentine's Day! I love your cake balls. So cute!

  4. Pink - I totally would have chosen pink over blue as well. What a shame with the whoopie pies, I have that book as well and made a couple of the recipes and they have worked out ok, but not the chocolate yet. Must say the filling with the marshmallow fluff is just the best, it is so fake but delicious.