Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Haunted House Gift Boxes

I was browsing through the Halloween bits and pieces at a craft shop last week and picked up these really cute felt stickers in the shapes of ghosts and pumpkins  After a bit of thinking about how to use them I came up with this fun idea. I'm sure a lot of people will be giving away treats this halloween, or maybe tricks if they're a bit nasty, so why not package them up in a cute haunted house gift box.
The idea is taken from these Gingerbread House Treat Boxes I made for christmas last year. With a change of colour and some different decorations they make a perfect place to hide your spooky sweets this Halloween.
I've included the templates and a quick set of instructions, for the full step by step guide check out my Gingerbread House Treat Box instructions.

You'll need-
Grey card
Dark purple card
Light purple card
Wavy scissors
Double sided tape
Felt stickers, Ghost and Pumpkins
Black felt tip pen 

To make the treat boxes- Print out both templates (they should be A4 size) and cut out the shapes.
Lay the box template on the grey card and trace around the edges.
Cut out around the outline. Fold along the dotted lines.
Lay the roof template on the dark purple card and trace on the guidelines. Using the line as a guide cut around the outside edge with your wavy scissors. Use regular straight scissors to cut out the little bits in the middle. Fold along the fold lines. 
 To assemble the box attach some double sided tape to the inside edges of the front and back of the box. Stick the side tabs to the insides of the front and back of the box using the double sided tape.

For the roof use some double sided tape to secure the roof together in the middle.
Cut a 2cm by 6cm(approx) zigzag shape out of light purple card for the chimney. Make a 2cm long cut in the middle of one side of the roof, push the chimney rectangle through the cut so about 2cm of it sits inside the roof. Cut up the middle of the chimney that sits inside the roof and fold tabs in either direction. Fix inside the roof with double sided tape. Cut a door shape out of the light purple card and fix the front of the house with double sided tape.

Stick on a pumpkin and a ghost and tie with a ribbon. 

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