Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chocolate Lamington Cupcakes

You make be thinking to yourself, these look a lot like last weeks cupcake post. I'm not going to lie to you they are very much like last weeks, in fact they are almost the same. Kind of.

The strawberry butterfly cakes were a big hit, only three were lucky enough to survive to afternoon tea. Due to their success and a special request by one of last weeks taste testers (boyfriends Dad) the coconut cupcakes are back, this time in chocolate.

For the chocolate cupcake I tried a new recipe from Glorious Treats. Glorious Treats said this is the perfect chocolate cake and I very much agree, I usually don't really go for chocolate cupcakes but this recipe is beautifully chocolaty while still being moist and fluffy. The cupcakes are topped with a thicker version of the lamington frosting I made a while back and filled with whipped cream. These cupcakes might be my new best friend.


  1. These look incredible! I love the lamington/cupcake twist idea. Is that thickened/whipped cream on the inside?

  2. I love your cupackes always look amazing and delicious! gloria

  3. They are great cupcakes! Your photo's have me wanting to get loose in the kitchen right now!

  4. I was thinking they looked a little similar, but obviously with a super chocolatey twist.

    Might check that chocolate cupcake recipe out if it's that good.