Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sanding Sugar Heart Cookies

One of my aims this year is to better plan things in advance and be more prepared, I made myself a special baking calendar with all those dates I must remember plus a proper 'to bake' list for all the ideas I'm always forgetting. So that is why I'm sharing valentines cookies in January and not the day of or even later. This way you get a chance to try out a bunch of sweet treats and figure out which are worthy for your special someone or at least that's the story I'm sticking to.

I really love sanding sugar although I don't use it very often, probably because I enjoy how it looks sitting in the little jars on my sprinkle shelves, its so sparkly! If you dont want to spend forever decorating cookies and want a really easy quick way to pretty up some sugar cookies for Valentines day give sanding sugar a go.
Start by outlining the cookie hearts. Allow the royal icing to set hard.
Secondly flood the cookies with thinned royal icing, fill only one or two cookies at a time so they don't dry before you can add the sanding sugar.
While the cookie is still wet sprinkle over the sanding sugar. For this step I placed the cookie on a plate to catch the excess sugar and stop it ending up all over my floor. Tap off any extra sanding sugar and allow the icing to set.
Share and enjoy these shiny treats.


  1. Your cookies are always so professionally finished. It would be a shame to eat them after all that hard work lol

  2. I also am planning on being more prepared! Love these cookies, cute as always!

    Nom! x

  3. Those look great! They would last a minute in my house!

  4. wheres the biscuit reciepe :)was going to make for the girls for lunch tomorra ♥Shannie,

  5. Gorgeous! Your icing is always perfect. I've set up a 'to bake' list too, it's a great idea (but a bit scary when it starts getting long!)