Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gumball Machine Cake

Happy Birthday Ebony!
I've been so lucky lately getting to do so many fun cakes. I think of all of them this might be my favorite, probably because I'd love to have a cake like it myself. I was very fortunate when making this the weather had taken a cooler turn and without the humidity I wasn't fighting with sticky fondant. I've been terrible at not getting step by step pictures recently, so just imagine a fluffy pink strawberry cake on the inside layered and covered with white chocolate ganache. It was surprisingly easy to construct, I used two six inch cakes cut in half to give four layers and just trimmed it slightly so it tapered toward the top. To support the weight of the glass bowl and gumballs, I inserted three dowels a little out from the center of the cake. The top of the gumball machine was made of rice krispies (LCMs) on a small cake board to form a cap and avoid adding extra weight on the cake. The coin purse is also made form rice krispies covered in fondant.
Just a minute ago I said imagine the cake inside don't worry about doing that because here it is, pretty layers of pink. I may have been forgetful with my picture taking but the birthday girl wasn't, thanks Ebony for letting me use this picture.


  1. Just when I thought your Very Hungry Caterpillar cake was the best thing I've ever seen, you pull this out of the bag! You are SO talented, this is absolutely incredible! Wow, just wow :D

    Mollie xo

  2. This cake is fabulous, and I love that it is pink inside as well.

  3. Oh my jeebus I wanted to make
    One of these for my friend but couldn't find a nice one, consider this idea stolen :) LOVE IT!!!


  4. This is so adorable and fantastic I don't know where to start.

  5. How creative! Love the detail on the little purse!

  6. You are such a creative baker, I love it! It looks super cute and sounds incredibly tasty.

  7. How awesome is this?! It's beautiful. I'd definitely love to receive a gum ball cake.

    I also love the purse and coin details. I bet the birthday girl was very impressed!

  8. I love this! What a cute and wildly successful design!

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