Sunday, December 12, 2010

StarWars Cookies

I really debated with myself whether or not to post these cookies, the force was definitely not with me when making them. It was very late on my Sunday night when I finally had some time to ice these, it was hot and sticky and I was in no mood for cookie decorating. I was impatient and didn't wait long enough for my first colour icing to dry before poorly piping on the details so they're a bit blurry, I just wanted to go to bed.

They sugar cookies were still yummy and I was pleased with how the cutters worked. I used the same cookie and royal icing recipes as for my army men cookies.

Oh well, I still think the Yoda ones look kinda cute and I did get to test out my new cookie cutters so it wasn't a complete loss.


  1. They are cute, I like the Darth. My brother in law would definitely go crazy for them. I always think the impression cookies are weird, once you ice them it's kinda lost.

  2. As Anne Shirley would say, I think we are kindred spirits! We have a lot in common, and I'll be glad to follow your blog! LOVE the blog banner, and that you are getting an ice blue Kitchenaid, I have one too!
    These Star Wars cookies are fantastic, I always have real trouble cookie decorating, so I really think you did a great job. My boyfriend is a Star wars nut and would LOVE them!

  3. I still think they're amazing despite your lack of enthusiasm for them. The force was clearly on your side ;)

  4. Nawww, look at Yoda. He's so cute! Where do you find such cookie cutters? They'd be so awesome for handmade gifts.

  5. The cutters were one of the goodies I brought home with me from New York, they were from Willams Sonoma

  6. See? This is why I'm already inlove with your blog. Starwars cookies were on my to do list. You beat me to it :P They look fantastic

  7. Hi There,
    My boy is turning 5 in three weeksa and I am planning his Start Wars party. It has been very difficult to get the cookies cutter in time. I was wonder if you are in Australia? and if it is yes, it is possible to rent for a week the cutters?
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