Friday, December 3, 2010

Coconut Ice Macarons

A warning about the post ahead... Look out! Pink overload!

I have been meaning to try out this idea for a long time, I tried to make them before I went on holidays but had run out of sugar. Gasp! I know, who does that?

With all my ingredients in order I set out making Coconut Ice inspired macaron, they turned out brilliantly! One bite and I was instantly reminded of the old time pink and white coconut treats.

Once again I used a recipe from the book I Love Macarons, it has not failed me yet. I made two batches of mixture, leaving one white for the bottoms and adding a few drops of pink colouring gel for the pink tops. Instead of vanilla extract I added half a teaspoon of coconut essence to each macaroon mixture. To add to the Coconut Ice look I sprinkled some coconut on to the tops of the pink macarons before baking.

I think these may have just been added to my list for Christmas gift baking.


  1. You genius! Amazing Macarons.

    I use the same recipe you do and it has never failed me either.

    You have the best Macaron ideas. x

  2. How adorable :) They look like little clouds...yumm.

  3. Do you deliver to Manchester, UK?? Nxx

  4. These look so delicate and sweet. Perfect for a tea party :)

  5. lovely! The colors and pictures are just yummy.

  6. Totally adorable, these are the prettiest macarons I have seen for a while. Love them.

  7. OMG!!! These look fabulous! Definitely add them to your christmas baking list - good work :)

  8. Your macarons came out almost perfect! *bows down to your macaron skills* wow

  9. These are absolutely beautiful! I have a question did the coconut extract overpower the almond taste? I really would love to make some coconut macarons but have a serious aversion to coconut so I was wondering if it helps the flavour?

    1. Hi Gem! I didn't think the coconut was too strong but I like coconut, it goes nicely with the almond. If you really don't like coconut maybe try using half the amount of extract, or none at all. The sprinkle of coconut on top will still give them the cute coconut ice look.