Friday, November 18, 2011

Barbie Doll Cake

Barbie dolls are so much prettier now than the ones I had when I was young, I was never a big Barbie fan I was more of a Lego kid (still am) but I had a couple and they didn't look like this.
I have always wanted to make a dolly varden cake, I was so happy to be asked to make a barbie cake for a little girls fourth birthday. I'm not sure for which birthday but I remember Mum making one for me when I was little, it was just like the one in the Womans Weekly birthday cakes book, I thought it was the coolest thing ever.
I went out and bought a new tin to make the skirt, I tracked down a dolly tin with a metal rod in the centre and the cake baked through perfectly. Being a fourth birthday I was asked to keep things simple, a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.
I covered the entire skirt with light pink buttercream, which I allowed to dry before smoothing over with a icing smoother. To make the bodice, flowers and ruffles at the top and bottom on the skirt I used fondant. I absolutly love how it turned out and am very happy that the birthday girl loved it too.
I really wanted to share a tutorial for this cake but got so wrapped in making it and the leopard cake that I missed taking pictures of a bunch of important steps. I'm thinking maybe about making a Christmas themed one shortly, perhaps an angel, so hopefully I'll have step by step guide soon.


  1. That is absolutely stunning! My niece would love that as she is Barbie mad. Would definitely love a tutorial to see if I could create something similar for her birthday.

  2. I've always wanted to try to make one of these too just need a reason :) x


  3. Someone should give you a book deal. You do amazing things!

  4. I made one of these for my sister once. Yours looks so beautiful and perfect though!

  5. My younger self would have loved this!

  6. Wow what a beautiful cake my girls would love this thanks for sharing. Hope you have a lovely day.

    Always Wendy

  7. Wow so cool.This is for anybody well i have and idea if you have some barbies dolls (i have a lot like 20 or something) you could dress them up in some clothes first then you could do their nails or fix them up :D i just thought of that so im going to do that soon :D might not do the nails though.

  8. One more thing well i love barbies and im 9.

    1. Anonymous. I think that's why I liked making this cake so much, I got to play with barbies again :)