Thursday, December 12, 2013

Coconut Christmas Tree Cake Toppers

Just Short and sweet post today. I'll be honest I'm running behind in my Christmas baking, but really want to achieve my 25 days of Christmas posts. I think maybe I should have started earlier, time is something that there is never enough of at this point in the year. 

These coconut covered Christmas trees are toppers to decorate a cake I'll be posting tomorrow, but they'd look great on top of cupcakes too. 
For the Coconut Christmas trees
Ice cream cones
200 grams white chocolate melts
Shredded coconut
silver or coloured cachous

To make the coconut trees- place the chocolate melts in a microwave safe bowl, heat in the microwave 30 seconds at a time until melted. Poor the melted chocolate into a tall thin glass (tall enough to dip the ice cream cones in).

Dip the ice cream cones into the melted chocolate and coat all over, allow any excess chocolate to drip off.

Roll the chocolate coated ice cream cones in coconut to cover. Stand upright to set.

Before the chocolate is set press on the cachous decorations.


  1. Love this, such a clever idea.

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