Monday, December 9, 2013

Cream Cheese Christmas Tree

Just a super quick post today, really its kind of a part two of yesterday's Cheese and Sesame Crackers post. This super fast and easy cream cheese Christmas tree is prefect for holiday entertaining. During the many hours I waste on pinterest I came across this idea a few times (sorry I don't know who originally came up with it to give them credit) and thought it would make a fun addition to a cheese platter.
Simply cut a block of cream cheese on the diagonal and position the 2 halves back to back. Spoon over your favourite cream cheese topping, I used a tomato and pepper relish, but a chutney or even sweet chilli sauce would be yummy too.
Add a few last details, a capsicum star on top and small diced pieces over the body of the tree. Finally finish it off with a celery stump. Enjoy!

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