Thursday, December 1, 2011

Its December!!

You know whats awesome about Christmas time? Pretty much everything. I love the baking, the eating, the decorating, the shopping, I love the holiday themed coffees at Starbucks, other than the heat December is a very good month.One of my favorite December past times is grabbing a peppermint mocha and wandering the shops browsing through the decorations. I love getting all my present shopping done early, smiling at the huge crowds of people frantically looking for last minute gifts and convincing myself that I really need some more glass baubles.
December 1st has one tradition for me, putting up the Christmas tree. Ever since I was little we've always put decorations up on December 1st, the tree usually came later as we had live trees and they wouldn't last the full month. Now that I have my own little fake tree it goes up with the rest of the decorations. So I put on Brian Setzer's Christmas album poured some ice cold eggnog and set boyfriend up with some fruit mince pies. I know I'll be finding glitter on myself for the next week but seeing my tree all shiny and pretty is totally worth it. Now I get to wrap presents! Yay!


  1. Always beautiful Kara! I love your colours! My own tree is ready too! I love this time of year!

  2. I love putting up the tree..and the general season of Christmas as well! It is such a magical time. Your tree looks lovely! It looks like you plucked it right out of David Jones or a Queens Plaza catalogue. Love it!

  3. Your pics are so adorable! We have a little sparkly pink tree covered in beaded necklaces, pastel owls, and candy ornaments. Although I'm not Christian we still do the whole decorating thing and I just pretend it's for Solstice. : }