Tuesday, December 24, 2013

One More Day! Christmas Round Up

One last quick post before I go to sleep to wait for Santa, this years Christmas round up. I didn't quite reach my target of 25 days of Christmas posts, but I came pretty darn close making it to 20. Next year I'll get to 25!

1st. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Advent Cookies
2nd. Christmas Tree
3rd. Last Years Christmas Favourites
4th. Baileys Ice Cream
5th. Pina Coladas
6th. Gift Ideas
7th. White Choc Cranberry Cookies
8th. Eggnog Cookie Shakes
9th. Cheese and Sesame Crackers
10th. Cream Cheese Christmas Tree
11th. Gingerbread Houses
12th. Coconut Whit Chocolate Christmas Tree Toppers
13th. Eggnog Cake
14th. Parcel Prezzies
15th. Slice and Bake Cookies
16th. Candy Cane Ice Cream Pops
17th. 'For Santa' Cookies
18th. White Chocolate Rocky Road Bites
19th. Mint Slice Cheesecakes
20th. Christmas Beer 'Krampus Ale'

1 comment:

  1. i think ill be gaining a lot of weight this christmas beacuse i will be making all of these recipes cause its just too hard to choose one! i dont think i could even leave one of them! yes! i will be making all of them